The Basics: Lisa Hoeck, in my mid-thirties, I am loving life as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, employee, business owner, creative mind and on a mission to get things done. Life in a nutshell -- all good. I tend to be a bit of a stress ball, only because I care too much. On most days I am a perfectionist… with a few off days to make life interesting. Our little life, revolves around our little ones (Hadley – almost 5; Harrison – 3; Hannah – baby). Actually, let me re-phrase that, our life has a lot of focus on our little ones but I still have a drive for my career and the other life roles I play.

Who am I? Why am I writing this blog when I have a million things going on with family, career, friends and personal passions? Any more importantly, why should you read it?

Creative outlet. Something of my own. A way to give back. Really this blog is my current answer to how I continue to develop as a woman, be proactively involved in my own inspiration. Life is always moving so fast, I have to consciously slow myself down. To enjoy. To breath. To be thankful. I hope Babies and Blazers will drive me to do these things more often. And honestly, I hope it spreads to you as well.

Read. Be inspired. Inspire others. And if you have a moment, contribute. Let's help eachother manage the craziness that is the life of a working mom. Here or somewhere else… but somewhere. What do I mean by “contribute”? This really could be anything… use an idea from here in your daily life. Post a comment here so I (and others) know you like or hate something. Talk with others about what you are inspired by or a tip on how you manage your life. Be honest.

Have you noticed I am kind of bossy yet? Well… this is an area my best of friends love and hate about me. I give it to you straight. I always have an opinion. Rarely keep it to myself. With all that ammo… the people who get me, know all that energy is coming from good. So to all of you, who have no real idea who I am, take all I write with a grain of salt and feel free to disagree! I love a healthy debate.

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