Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rad Bag Organizer

This Life in Play bag organizer looks like the jackpot. It fits into all sorts of bags including my most recent wish list purchase. So cool. I love how they show you how to use it for a diaper bag, a work bag (aka a Dad Bag) and a pool bag. Multi-purpose and can fit in multiple bag styles depending on the occasion. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kindergarten: Day 1 Down; Day 2 Reality

Yesterday was Hadley's first day of Kindergarten and it went great. Mike and I walked her down to school, spent some time in her classroom and said our good byes. She was so happy and excited to be there. I also had the opportunity to pick her up which was AWESOME! I swear, those smiles at the end of the day are better than any other. 

Today was Day 2. Mike and I carpooled to work so we both got to drop her off. This was the strangest thing. Day 1 had so much excitement, preparation and special time. Today was very strange. Our sweet little girl hopped out of the car, put on her backpack and approached the gate. Mike got out to give her a hug which was adorable. I stayed in the car and observed. Wow. This is happening. This is real. She is a big girl. Now. Not tomorrow. Now. 

Mike got back in the car and we both watched Hadley. She looked back at me and asked if I would pick her up again. I reminded her Yara would be there this afternoon with baby Hannah and Harrison. She slowly replied "Okay." Then she went on to ask "What about tomorrow? Can you drop me off and pick me up?" Hmmm. I looked at her for a moment, took it in and replied, "We'll talk about it tonight. Have a great day at school." It took all I had in me to hold back the tears. I wish I could. I wish I could pick her up from school every day. I love that end of day smile. 

As we pulled away from the curb, Hadley walked down the stairs and Mike asked me "Should we circle the block?" and I grinned. He was having his Daddy moment too. He was reflecting on this Day 2 milestone in his own way. He wanted to make sure she did okay. So we did just that, we circled the block and when we got back to the gate, our sweet baby girl had hung her backpack on the hook and was approaching a group of little girls. 

There it is. She is off. She is a Kindergartner. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Botox or no Botox?

Vanity is everywhere. 

Go Be Lovely Candle can be found at Anthropologie.
My scent pick is the Coconut Milk Mango. 

Southern California is particularly vain. I grew up here so in a way I am used to it. An ordinary morning at the grocery store you are bound to see a woman with all of the following enhancements:
  • Beautiful perfectly shaped and sized breasts
  • Long eyelash extensions
  • Smooth forehead
  • Plump lips
  • Manicured nails
  • Tan skin
  • Shaped brows 
  • Highlighted hair
  • Hairless bikini area
  • The list goes on…

Physical appearance is valued very highly. Not only do people spend a lot of money improving their appearance they also work-out a lot and eat healthy. Single ladies have some serious competition when it comes to finding a man! I think I was really lucky to meet Mike when I was 23. Looking good then was much easier (and cheaper!) than it is today.

Years later I try to keep my vanity in check. Looking 23 again sounds really great in theory but in practice it isn't what I want to spend time or money on. So far, I have avoided most of the beauty enhancements available. My hair is turning grey and I am letting it be. I shared more about that here.  I do get my nails done pretty often and really enjoy the time relaxing and the pretty results. 

One beauty enhancement I really do want to do is Botox. My forehead lines and brow lines are already deep and I am young. In college, my roommates would post Botox ads on my bulletin board. Rude! My face lines in that area started early from the way I use my facial muscles. The way I express myself. It is something that just happens. Botox seems like such an easy thing to do with limited risk. The results are instant and the effect lasts long enough, but not forever.

I am very tempted. Then I think why would I risk putting any sort of foreign substance into my head? Into my face? Into the area where my brain is? Scary! For vanity. Botox doesn't appear to be a smart choice.

Yet, even with that logical evaluation of the situation, I still want Botox. I would love a smooth forehead.  Maybe if I do it now, I won’t need to do it later? Maybe I can prevent these lines from getting worse? I shared this with Mike recently and he just sort of rolled his eyes at me and was like “Really?”

Many women I know do this and don’t tell their husbands. I’m not sure if the husbands see the change and just ignore it and don’t say anything or if they don’t even see it. I wonder. This is something I couldn't do without talking to Mike about. Mike isn't adamantly against it but I think he sees it as a waste of money and silly vanity.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Sick Men

Why are men such babies when they are sick? Is it because they yearn to be taken care of. Is this the real opportunity for them to show vulnerability in a safe way? I have always wondered why men generally really are babies when they are sick.

Jonathan Alder Lacquer Tissue Box - Simple is so good! 

It isn’t just my hubby. I have noticed this with my dad, coworkers, clients and the average man you bump into. When a man is sick, they just sort of seek dotting. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kinder Orientation

Today was Hadley's kindergarten orientation and it was awesome! She is beaming with excitement. She doesn't have any best buddies in her class but that's okay. In fact, I think that is best. She is social, creative and ready to learn. Learning to make new friendships will be good for her. 

Mike and I both got to attend the orientation to meet her teacher, Mrs. B. She is a joy. I have a feeling this year will really propel Hadley in new wonderful directions. 

xoxo my sweet baby girl is growing up. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Someday Wish List

For years I have kept a note on my phone with a "Someday Wish List." The list is reserved for special things I would love to have some day. The list isn't too long, but the items are completely unnecessary or hard to find. When Mike and I were in Portland (no sales tax in Portland, big plus!), I bought the first item off the list. A Louis Vuitton bag. Not, just any bag, the specific bag I have coveted for years. 

It sounds simple, right? Wish list. Save up. Go to store and purchase item. 

Well, if you are like me, when you walk in to Louis Vuitton with enough money and permission to purchase a fancy handbag, it is impossible to just buy the one you came for. You must explore! 

The first bag I saw when I walked in was this lovely cream and navy monogram bag with a gorgeous clasp. The clasp is what caught my eye. I love this bag. It is beautiful, a great size without being too big and a simple shape. The lining feels good too. Love it. 

Apparently difficult to find, because is it impossible to find on the LV website. 
Next stop was a costumer service person who pulled out the specific bag on my wish list. I explored it in detail. Mike watched me with curiosity. Then he asked all sorts of questions I hadn't anticipated. Pretty cute. He was shocked at the price of course. Then we he found it wasn't leather he had a moment. 
Neverfull GM Monogram

While we were talking about the new bag I spotted this one. Nice. Love the substantial handle. It is big but not as wide as the Neverfull which is actually a plus. Definitely a great option. 
Artsy MM Monogram
After about an hour of exploring, I bought the bag I came for. The Neverfull is just classic. I love the iconic monogram. I chose the fuchsia lining for a bit of color. If the first bag would have come in the classic monogram, I would have been even more tempted to stray from the wish list. But in the end, I would have still wanted this bad boy. I used it for the first time on Friday and loved it! 

My LV. 
If anything ever had dual purpose, it is this bag. Just this weekend I used it for a lunch and spa day with women who work in my industry and a pool party with my family. Score! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A New Pursuit: Optimism

I really respect optimistic people. I have never been one of them. Since I can remember, I have always been looking multiple steps ahead to prepare for the worst. 


Awesome card from an awesome card shop remarkdesigns on Etsy. 

Generally, life has treated me pretty well. In fact, life has always turned out pretty great. I'm not trying to brag here. I am just sharing about a recent self exploration. And it kind of starts out this way. So if you read on, know this is an exercise for me. Not a brag session. 

In the past, I have always gotten what I wanted. Well, maybe not every single thing... but anything important. I got into a great college. Graduated in four years while working. A great job. A wonderful husband. Nice car. Traveled the world. Beautiful home. One, then two, now three amazing kids. All angel babies. All slept through the night before three months old. Sunshine more than gloomy days. All in all, life is pretty rad. 

So why am I always anticipating the worst? Always stressed out? Always ahead instead of present in the now? If it has all worked out in the past, it will work out in the future, right? Or maybe not? 

I think it might be catching up with me. It is time to change. I need to enjoy. If I don't start to enjoy now, when will I? When I am 85? Nope. I want to enjoy life now. 

Perfect example, just yesterday I posted about my stress on Hadley's first day of kindergarten. This big debate in my head: pick up or not to pick up? What??!! Am I crazy? I might just be. Either way, it will still be Hadley's first day of kindergarten. Either way, I will get to be apart of it. Why am I stressed out about it a week in advance. That is the silliest thing. 

The thing is, that is just how my mind has been wired. To project into the future. 

In many ways, I think this foresight and extremely detailed thoughts about the possibilities ahead of me have allowed me to seize opportunities. I have used this pessimistic and cautious outlook on life to help me get what I want. In a way, to manipulate the future. It has worked. But it is exhausting. I am so tired of feeling stressed.

Recently my best friend and I were chatting about this realization. She made a comment that really stuck with me, "You are always a 12." And I replied, "You mean on a scale of 10??!! I am a 12. Always?" and she confirmed. Hmmm. 

So I am working on being more optimistic. Seeing all the good around me. Having gratitude. I hope that doesn't lead to a boring blog... yikes... there i go again. Rewrite: I'll have to find a way to make this interesting for the blog. 

Wish me luck, for your own sake! 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindergarten: Big decision for me...

So next week is the big week. Hadley starts kindergarten on Tuesday. Deep breath. I am so excited for her. She is pretty nervous which is so sweet. 

Hadley and one of her best friends, Colette. Adorable.

On the first day of school I am going to walk her to class. We live about 7 minutes away down a little dirt path. One of the reasons we bought our house, was so we could use that little path to walk our kids to school. Tuesday we get to use it for that purpose for the first time. Exciting. 

My big dilemma:  do I pick her up from school? I want to pick her up BADLY. Pick up is one of the things I get jealous of stay-at-home-moms about. That's the fun one! The kids are always so excited to see you. They are ready to share all about their adventures. I rarely get to experience pick up. 

School drop off is always hard. Hadley is bound to be excited to finally be at kindergarten, meet new friends, her teacher and to learn new things but she will also be clinging to me. Asking me to stay longer. It kills me. It kills me every time and pulls at my emotions. I usually start off thinking it is cute. Then I get annoyed. Then I get kind of angry and start thinking "enough already... its time for me to go." I'm sure my therapist would tell me it is that way, because I allow it to be that way. Whatever. It's hard. 

So pick up on the first day of kindergarten seems like it would be the golden ticket. One of those special moments. A day that happens once. Selfishly, I really really really want to be there. I want to see her excitement. Hear all the immediate details of the kids, the classroom, the teacher, everything. But when I think about what is best for the long run, I think establishing her new routine from the get go would be better for Hadley. It might also be better for me. The reality is, I can't do pick up very often. So maybe I should let her first week be the week to set the tone for the reality.

A lot of me says F*ck it. Pick her up. Enjoy it. She will love it. You will love it. These are the moments life are about. But then I hesitate... hmmmm. What to do? 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Portland Adventure aka Foodie Journey

This past weekend, Mike and I went up to Portland for an adventure just the two of us. It was wonderful. If you have ever heard anyone say "You'll just eat your way through that city" they must have been talking about Portland. The food is just incredible. 

Over the two nights and three days in Portland we traveled approximately 55,095 steps. Mike did the math and that equates to about 27.5 miles. Needless to say, we packed in a lot. I'll do my best to summarize the highlights. 

Hotel: The Nines in Downtown 

Perfect location. It is directly across the street from the MAX light rail stop which runs to the airport and many of the main attractions of the city. The hotel is modern, hip and the rooms are nicely decorated. Typical of any city hotel, not totally spacious, but plenty of room for two adults. 

After checking in, our first stop was a well known food cart. They only serve one thing... poached chicken and rice with a spicy ginger dipping sauce. The line tells the story. The food is simple yet crave worthy. a little more about Nong's Khao Man Gai and other great food cards in Portland here

After lunch, we headed straight over the Powell's City of Books. It feels just like that, its own city. The place is an entire city block and they have approximately 1 million books available to purchase. Plus another million books in the process of being evaluated for sale. They have every book you can imagine. Some new and some used. Really cool place to explore, slow down a bit and find something new to tickle your fancy. In my case, I picked up something old, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. The book seller accurately fulfilled my request for a lighthearted easy summer read that is written well. 

Next stop, the bike shop. We went to Pedal Bike Tours and rented bikes to really get out and see Portland the way the locals do, on a bike. 

They gave us a great tip to ride the Sweetwater Trail through the Oaks Bottom Wild Refuge. It was beautiful. We happened to see this fawn on the side of the trail with her mamma just a few feet away. They were happily grazing as we admired. Then we passed by a small lake surrounded by beautiful purple flowers. 

After our bike ride... which ended up being about 5 or 6 miles, we went over to a small little neighborhood on the South East side of the city. There we had a great meal at Ava Gene's. This place is another notable Portland foodie haven. It is called "Italian" but the combinations of flavors used are usual and surprisingly delicious. For example, the waitress suggested a celery salad and said it was her favorite. Really, celery? We came all the way here for celery? Well, let me tell you, that was the best celery I have ever tasted! It was paired with dates, almonds and Parmesan cheese. The dressing must have been some magic maker, because I have no idea what was in it... but it rocked my world. That was just the salad. I would definitely go back if I was a local. Great food. 

I'm sure dessert at Ava Gene's would have been fantastic. But I was told by more than one friend and more than one foodie website a must do is Salt & Straw. Salt & Straw just happens to be right next door to Ava Gene's so we went there. Well, first we waited in line. For a long time. It was worth it. I went back to this ice cream wonderland every day of our trip.  They are known for small batch unique ice cream flavors. They let you try as many as you like before you pick your scoop. Yum. Yum and Yum. 

Day 2 started with food again. Yep. We just kept eating. Mike went to a coffee shop called Heart while I slept in. Then we headed over to Tasty n Alder for brunch. I got a very simple breakfast: eggs, bacon and a biscuit. Let me be clear. That biscuit was the best I have ever tasted. Then they gave me this honey butter that made it even better. If you talk biscuits in Portland, everyone will tell you to go to Pine State Biscuits. I tried those too... good but not like the Tasty n Alder biscuits. The Pine State Biscuits are only really the vehicle to serve their amazing gravy. When we were there, I got the mushroom gravy and it was a good reason to get an okay biscuit. Just my opinion. 

After brunch we rented a car and headed out to see the Columbia Gorge. We went to Multnomah Falls for a hike. The falls have a view deck at the top, about a mile up a lot of switch backs, that is worth the climb. 


After our hike, we rode bikes down to NW 23rd Avenue. This is a charming little street with local and mainstream shopping mixed in. My favorite shop, The Meadows, sold salt, chocolates and bitters. A shop like this could only survive in a city like Portland or on the web. They do remote orders, so if you are a salt lover, check them out.   

My purchases. 

That night we went to Expatriate for cocktails and Beast for dinner. Expatriate was one of Mike's favorites. The passion in this place is alive. The owner is an ex-bartender who now is the DJ. he is also married to the chef at Beast. The bartenders shake cocktails with purpose. The walls are black and the noodle dishes smell delicious. A rainy night in this place would be just right. 

Beast is a culinary prize. Chef Naomi Pomeroy was awarded the James Beard Best Chef Northwest in 2014. She is also a mom of three which is pretty freak'n rad. Beast is a restaurant with a set menu of six courses and wine pairings. You know what you are getting, but you really have no idea what you are getting. Each course heightened my senses. While the food is pretty remarkable, for us, the highlight -- it is all communal dinning. It is so warm to be at a large table with wonderful food, wine and company interested in meeting new people. Definitely a unique and special evening.

Day 3 was intended to be lower key, slower pace. We succeeded. The morning kicked off with a nice long walk to the Portland Farmer's Market at Portland State University.  The market is huge and has a great variety of produce, flowers, people and of course food. We meandered through the market, got light breakfast bites and then we headed to the coffee shop. 

Fresh lavender bundled. 

Mushrooms, all sorts. 

Tomatoes so colorful with a sweet smell.  

The biscuit place with the great gravy. 

The lemon ginger shortbread cookie didn't last until the picture happened. 

After relaxing, reading and stopping at Salt & Straw for the third time, we went to Washington Park. When we got there, everyone was hopping onto a bus to get to the Rose Garden. It was packed to the brim and really was not appealing at all. So we asked, can we walk there? Sure thing. It is a short two mile walk downhill. Perfect. So we walked. We enjoyed the trees. The sunlight sneaking in. Lovely. 

The Rose Garden was lovely too. We both preferred the forest walk but the roses were a nice destination. Many people told us they prefer the Japanese Gardens over the roses, but we just couldn't do it all. Maybe next time. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Favorite Blog to Read

I love this blog: What Would Gwyneth Do

I am smitten with the writer Raluca. Her name, just her name intrigues me. Not to mention how she writes. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Lately she has been reflecting on if she should keep going. I think she should. I love reading her words. I admire her. I am interested in learning more. So I just thought I would share my humble adoration for this fellow blogger who has me inspired. A recent piece I enjoyed is called Modern-Day Motherhood, check it out. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Fun at the Lake

The lake for our family is easy. We step out onto the sand and play. The kids mingle with other kids.  They wander over to the doc to fish for crawdads, play, dig in the sand and are happy.

This year we tried something new with some great friends. We crashed the Hyatt to roast marshmallows. The Hyatt at Incline Village has two fire pits. One that is right in the mix of the whole bar and restaurant and one that is a bit farther removed from the action. With our crew of kids, the further pit was our plan for the evening. We got the kids all excited about roasting marshmallows. I think I was more excited than anyone else. I LOVE s'mores! They are an all-time favorite of mine. I even buy s'mores ice cream. Mike rolls his eyes at me every time, but I LOVE it.

Anyway, it was time to get our s'mores action on. So I wandered over to scope our spot. To my surprise, the ideal pit was reserved for a corporate event. So we were going to have to roast marshmallows at the bar fire pit. I didn't think this was a big deal at all. I reported back to Mike and our friends. Mike shrugged his shoulders and said “You’ll see.” I was like, I did, I already saw. It isn't perfect, but it is fine. We already told the kids, their excited and so am I. We are going to do this. Tonight. Yep. Tonight. He looked at me and said, “Okay.”

So our crew of four adults and seven kids walked around the Hyatt fence and plopped down at the bar fire-pit. I checked in with the cocktail server for the area and explained the other fire-pit is closed. I asked her “Would it be okay if we roast our marshmallows here?”  and she replied, “Sure.” So I took that as full approval. The other mom who was with me, was looking at me like “Are we really going to do this? Right here? With all these people cocktailing at sunset at the Hyatt bar?” She was clearly not comfortable with my plan.

This is one of those moments where my friends love or hate me. I just do things. I just go for it. I have permission. I have all my stuff to do this. I have told my kids we are doing this. So we are going to do it. 

We did. It was delicious. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anniversary Reflection: 8 years and counting

8 years or 10 years depending on how you look at it.

Anniversary lattes. 

Many of you may know the story of how Mikey and I met. It was pretty much a whirlwind of excitement and childish joy. We both fell fast and hard. Both of us broke other hearts to be together. Seven months later we were engaged. It shocked me. He proposed on next to the cliffs on the beach on a rainy night. Unexpected. Perfect. Romantic. Very romantic by Mikey standards. He did good.

Fast forward and we have been married 8 years as of July 22nd. Dating 10 years. In that time, we have lived in three homes and made three amazing kids. We have also traveled the world, worked hard at the office and with friendships. We may not have it all just right, but we strive to. We strive to be people first. Spouses second. And parents third. I wrote more about this philosophy here. Many disagree with that philosophy but so far it still serves us.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a date night out in Tahoe. These date nights aren't rare, but still cherished. On an anniversary night there is this inherent pressure to make it special. I wish that weren't the case. Mike has always hated “dates.” So early in our relationship, I would just say “Let’s go out dinner” or “Wanna grab a bite to eat” or some other very relaxed way of lets go out just the two of us, for food and company aka a date. This small change in the way I requested a “date” made a big difference and the evening much more successful. I have always wondered why this was the case. In the end, it really doesn't matter why, it matters that I figured out a small piece to the puzzle for a good evening, a good life. Keep it relaxed.

By the way, I am the furthest thing from relaxed. I am high strung. I am realizing how high strung I am more and more every day. Apparently, my normal speed is a 12. I think the scale is supposed to be a 10. Ooops.

Back on track here. Mike has learned about me too.  I’m not sure what tricks he has come up with to help us make each and every day better, but I know he must have his too.

The secret to marriage is not so simple. Anyone you ask will give you different answers. It is fascinating to ask this question to all types of people. Divorced people seem to have the strongest opinions on the matter. People married over 50 years tend to answer in a silly joking manor, rarely offering an actual tip. People in between usually rattle off a list or say something contrived like “A happy wife is a happy home.” Well what exactly does that mean? How do you keep a wife happy? For all the women I know, we are all pretty complex creatures. I wish men luck with that one.

I don’t have any wise words on the secret to a successful marriage. My reflection on the topic is more about celebrating the milestones. Enjoying the day together. Having excitement for the future together.

This week, Mikey and I are going to Portland for a mini vacation, just us. Our plan isn’t much. Lots of walking around the city. Good food. Sleeping in. Maybe a bike ride to one of Mike's favorite brewery. Exploring together. The good life.

Further in the future, we are thinking about a trip to Paris. Maybe for our 10 year wedding anniversary. A romantic place to explore. Just us. That sounds pretty wonderful. Definitely a day I would look forward to. Mike seems to be on board… exciting! 

Why does shopping feel good?

Right. Don’t you feel good while you’re shopping? It could be for food, Christmas presents, personal indulgences, anything. If feels good. Is that a conditioned response? My curiosity is peaked. 

Anyone study psychology in college and have any ideas on why we like to shop?

Here are a few of my recent purchases: 

  • Tip from my friend Lori Ann... For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. The scent is nice and clean but sexy too. 
  • Must have in my makeup bag: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with sunblock. Easy to use and it doesn't feel heavy. 
  • The perfect eye shadow: White Peach by Trish McEvoy 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Family Barn and Paper Puppets

Some of our good friends have a home in an amazing place called Martis Camp. It is truly a dream place. It is kind of like what The Truman Show would have created if they were creating a perfect mountain escape.

For me, the best part of Martis Camp is The Family Barn. It is literally a huge red barn. It is completely designed with the family in mind. It is decked out with a basketball court, bowling alley, art studio with a kiln for pottery, a movie theater, a game room, full dinning, lounge space and full locker rooms. Basically amazing. Simply amazing and every detail is thought out. Not to mention, you step outside to multiple swimming pools appropriate for every age child. It is RAD.

While we were in Tahoe, we got to hang out at the Family Barn with our friends. So fun to hang out with another family on vacation. The part I love most about this place, is it isn’t pretentious. Sure, it is nice and luxurious, but it is relaxed and casual. The day we went, the kids were making puppets in the art studio. Once again, so simple. Isn’t that what family fun is all about? You can do it too… anywhere!!! No Family Barn required. A kitchen table will do just fine. Your kids will LOVE it.

All you need:
  • Brown paper bags
  • Markers/Crayons
  • Buttons
  • String
  • Glue
  • Optional Items: Construction paper, fake flowers, jewels, scissors, sparkles… endless options
Adorable and definitely fun.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Driving Adventure to Tahoe... a comedy of errors

Our drive to Lake Tahoe wasn't our first family road trip but it was certainly the longest we have taken and the first with baby Hannah. Boy was it an adventure! 

The day started with my wonderful morning glory husband hovering over me saying "It's 2:50. The alarm hasn't gone off yet but I'm ready." I rubbed my eyes and was like... okay. Here we go. So I brushed my teeth, double checked my list of last minute items to grab and started rounding up our sleeping kiddos. 

We were on the road and everyone was awake. That was not the plan. The plan was for them to slip right back into sleep. It took about an hour for them to all sink back into dream land. Then I followed (thank you Mikey). Around 5:30, I felt the car coming to a stop so I stirred. Mike was stopping at Starbucks. I get it, I TOTALLY get it. While Mike was in Starbucks each and every one of our darling sleeping children woke up. Woke up for the day. Bummer. 

Good news, everyone got to see this beautiful sunrise! And we had coffee. And pumpkin loaf. :-) 

Not long after morning snacks were finished we were in the middle of nowhere on the 395. Hadley puked. Big bummer. So we spent about a half hour cleaning her up in this glorious little pull off. 

The kids actually enjoyed the chance to run around in the dirt and breathe fresh air. It was a good break. Hadley felt better so we all hopped back into the car. 

And then we found out, the battery died. Yep. It died. We had left the lights on. We kept all the doors open when we were cleaning up. We had our cell phones plugged in to charge. We drained the battery. Bigger bummer. 

So glorious Lisa, in my Lululemon "mom attire," was flagging down trucks on the side of the 395. Thank God (for that moment, I really did believe in God) a nice family pulled over and happened to have jumper cables. They helped jump the car and we were on our way! Hoooray! 

Around 9:30 we arrived in Bishop, near Mammoth. We stopped at a great bakery that is like an institution in Bishop, Erick Schat's Bakery. It was awesome. We picked up some fresh pastries, another round of espresso for us and juice for the kids. I also got some fresh bread for dinner and fancy beef jerky for the drive. Mike had a conference call with a client at 10, so we headed over to a local park so the kids could run around. 

At the park, the typical kid negotiating commenced. Hadley wanted to watch the kids swimming in the pool and Harrison wanted to feed the ducks in the stream. Both totally cool options in different locations near bodies of water. No bueno. So just as one would predict, I was convincing Hadley to come to the stream and Harrison fell in. Yep. He fell into the f*cking stream! 

He was okay. All was fine. But really?!? Totally soaked kid, husband on the phone, and a 20 pound rolling baby. I totally had it under control. I was cool, calm and very collected. Sort of. Actually not at all. I could just feel my temperature rising. In the end, I figured it out and we all got back in the car even thought Mike was still on the phone. Not ideal, but I was done. I was fried and it was only 10:20 am. 

The rest of the trip was relatively calm. At some point we did realize we completely forgot our bakery goods at the bakery in Bishop. So no fancy beef jerky for us. We stopped about 65 more times to get gas, food, diaper changes and potty breaks. 

We arrived in Incline Village around 2. We made it. It was glorious.