Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Am I Brave Enough To Embrace Grey?

Grey is coming in packs. No longer one by one... but packs of grey hairs are infiltrating my scalp. Most of the time it is kind of exciting. I have always wanted to embrace my hair as it changes to grey. I think it might be because my grandmother had such beautiful white hair. I always loved Grandma Emily. She was so lighthearted, joyful and beautiful. Here are some pictures by Vicki Topaz of other women embracing grey hair and looking amazing!

My mom is beautiful too. She just chose a different path. She still dies her hair. She would be so beautiful with her natural grey/white hair, but she just isn't ready. She may never be ready. For me, I don't really ever want to have to be "ready" or decide to "let it go." So I am trying to be brave enough to enjoy it changing. 

That is so much easier to say than to live. 

So far, Mikey is supportive of a natural evolution. I'm sure he would totally embrace some improvements, but at the same time, I know he likes me how I am. How lucky am I? Pretty freak'n lucky! On the grey hair front, we are kind of going through it together. He struggles with his grey hairs more than I do. But the reality is the pressure about going grey is less for men. Silver foxes are so sexy if you are a man. For a 30 something woman... not so sexy. Hopefully I will stay brave and embrace the grey! 

Here is a great blog post from Rebecca Wolf on this topic. She always says things in such a rad way. I love how she explores this concept of "letting it go" and the overall decisions women make about our look from hair tweezing, make-up to more drastic choices like surgery. 

Has anyone else read anything interest on this topic? 

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