Thursday, April 3, 2014

End of Day Tactics

Gratitude. I am practicing gratitude a lot right now and visualizing pretty places. 

Thankfully, everyday this week has gotten better. Work engagement feels good. The kids are adjusting fine and I am getting better at turning my different roles of a working mom on and off. Switching on and off was so easy for me before. But I am okay with the fact I need to put a bit more energy into it right now. 

Here are some things I have tried this week that seem to be helping: 
  • Using my drive time as my alone time. This has actually been great. I usually use the drive for work calls or personal calls. Right now, I can't switch gears very fast, so this time gives me a chance to decompress a bit and get ready for my kiddos. 
  • Turn off the radio. Might sounds strange but my thoughts are racing and kind of busy right now. So the noise was just creating this "static". Having some quite time has been nice. 
  • No pictures of the baby at the office. This is the opposite of what many working moms do, but for me, it helps me stay focused on where I am. 
  • Enjoy the "luxury" of putting the kids to bed on my own. Normally this is NOT my favorite part of the day. Right now, I am trying to change my attitude and look at bedtime as a wonderful time to connect with the kids. They feel the energy shift. Pretty amazing and it has been nice to read and cuddle with them. 
Here are some ideas people have shared that I am going to give a shot: 
  • Change into casual clothes before going home. Great idea! Now I just need to get organized enough to have casual clothes in my car. Sounds easy but it hasn't happened yet! 
  • Workout. Sounds so obvious and easy. But when???!!! Some do it before the kids wake up but this is not my program. Maybe lunch? Maybe skip lunch so I can leave early? Hmmmm. 
  • Anyone else have other easy ideas? 

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