Thursday, April 10, 2014

Date Night

Date night, the right kind of date night, is the most important thing in a marriage. Kids or no kids. Date night is a must have. 

Last night, Mikey and I did a great date night. Mike left while I was putting the kids to bed to scalp some tickets for a concert. After the kids were fast asleep my dad came over to "watch" them. He is a great babysitter for the late night date night! When I left the house, Mikey only had one ticket... so we weren't sure our grand laid plans were going to work out. But in the end, just as Foster The People was kicking off their show someone finally agreed to sell us the second ticket. We were in! 

We both bellied up to the bar and ordered a beer. It was like we were back in college again. When was the last time I ordered a beer? Coors Light especially... it was my go to during my Davis Days. Mike must have been a Bud Light guy in college. Beers in hand, we headed to the dance floor. 

Spontaneous fun is great. We danced. We sang. We didn't talk about kids. Or the house. Or work. Virtually no talking, yet I felt us reconnecting. Sometimes a date night just needs to be two people having fun together. No need for deep conversations or fancy drinks. Just fun. It keeps us young and feeling alive. 

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