Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speed Shopping

I would love to go to the mall, wander around and window shop for hours. This is not my reality. Maybe someday. But recently, I just learned about something AMAZING! I call it speed shopping. 

I found out about this about a week ago. I needed a pair of new jeans that fit my "mom body" in a dark wash in a skinny or straight leg style. I had virtually no time before I needed to pick up Hadley, so I called Nordstrom to see if someone would do me a favor. They connected me to the TBD department and I asked the sales person if she would help me pull some jeans. She said "Sure, that's my job!" Why has no one ever told me this before!?!? Literally, the sales people there are so happy to shop for us! AMAZING! I told her I was on my way, which I thought would blow this whole deal... but she was excited. So in 10 minutes, I arrived and the dressing room was filled with seven pairs of jeans. She walked me through why she picked each pair based on my description. I tried them on and viola... found the perfect pair. I was in and out in under 20 minutes.

RESULT: Here is a picture of my "perfect pair" on someone else's perfect body! They are the DL 1961 "Coco" Mid Rise Straight Leg. I ended up going with a straight leg style so I can wear them casually and at the office on Fridays! Gotta love dual purpose fashion! 

Speed shopping step by step:  

1. Decide what you need (jeans, dress for a summer wedding, new suit, etc). 
2. Call Nordstrom and have them connect you to the right department. 
3. Tell the sales person what you need and when you will be there.
4. Show up, try on and purchase! 

FYI: Nordstrom also has a personal shopping specialist if you want to shop for a whole season of items or a set of outfits for a trip. 

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  1. Now you're talking, Lisa! Shopping is one of my favorite topics! I've been using this service lately at Nordstrom too and it is amazing! To walk in and have everything pulled for you is beyond wonderful...not to mention a huge time saver! Even a girl like me, who loves to shop, finds this very helpful. I would encourage everyone to give it a try!