Monday, April 7, 2014


Snail mail is one of my favorite things! 

Since college, my friend Erin and I have been sending each other the notes via the old school mail. It has been a great way to stay connected in what I'll call an authentic way. It takes extra effort, thought and time. It isn't realistic for every friendship or business relationship but it really does make an impact. People remember getting a nice note in the mail. 

I collect cards as I find them in my daily routines so I always have the basics and some special occasions on hand. Examples for cards I need often: Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Baby Shower and of course blank for versatility. For thank you notes I pick up simple sets like this from Target because they are affordable and work for personal or professional situations. 

For business notes, I use personalized stationary whenever possible. Generally I like one sided flat notes so people don't feel obligated to keep it and I don't have to write too much! 

For kids birthday parties I have used a variety of options. My favorite is to up-cycle my kids artwork into a card for their friend. Here's an example from this weekend! 

Note: This option takes a long time if your 4.5 year old participates in writing the message! But a super cute way to spend time together and get something done. ;0) 

For super fast birthday party notes, I have seen some friends with custom stickers from their family. I love these. Anyone know where to get them from? 

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