Friday, April 25, 2014

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping babies are the best. They are so sweet. Our little Hannah is an awesome sleeper which is wonderful and I am so grateful. 

Sweet Hannah sleeping in Belize. 

Only complaint is that she goes to bed for the night around 6 or 6:30 pm and wakes up around 7 am... so during the week I barely get to enjoy that sweet nugget awake. I get home from work around 5:45/6 o'clock and it is a pretty crazy time of day. The big kids are needy for my attention and have a ton of information to share with me. All of that couldn't possibly wait until Hannah went to bed. They need to release it all IMMEDIATELY when I walk through the door. 

At that moment, all I want to do is change my clothes and be alone with the "littlest Hoeck." Even 5 minutes would be glorious! In the same breathe, I am so lucky my kids are excited to see me and want to share their day with me. I know the day when they are 13 and 15 is around the corner and they will want NOTHING to do with me!! 

For now, thankfully it is Friday and lots of weekend snuggle time with baby Hannah is ahead. Also lots of time to explore the world with Hadley and Harrison. 

Cheers to that!! 

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