Monday, April 14, 2014

TGIM - Yep... thank god it's MONDAY!!

Most people are so excited for Friday. I get it, the weekend is wonderful. But when you have kid(s) the weekend is exhausting!!! 

There is something about Monday morning that is brutal but also glorious. Lucky for me, our wonderful nanny arrives at 8:00 am to help get the kids breakfast and ready for the day. I can spend a bit of snuggle time with sweet Hannah before I head out the door to take Hadley to school. Meanwhile, Harrison is busy playing with trucks or trains and just waiting for the opportunity to seize the dirt!

Once my work clothes are on, I get into what I call "go mode." This my no nonsense mode where I loose any patience I might typically have. Not sure why my patience is correlated with my outfit but it is. On Monday, this transition is particularly strong. I am ready to get started. Ready to charge. 

Why is it I spend all week at work feeling guilty about being away from my kids but on Monday morning I am ready to CHARGE!!?? I can't wait to get away. Then as soon as I am away the guilt sets in. 

Cheers to Monday! 

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