Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mini Date with Harrison

Harrison and I had a mini date. He LOVED it. We went to Starbucks and he was so excited to pick a treat from the case. He picked one of those petite vanilla scones and a hot chocolate for the adventure. He seemed to cherish every bit of that itty bitty scone! 

During our little date, I tried to let him make the choices since this was a special treat for just him. He picked a table right by the window in the sunshine. Lovely. The topic of conversation... not so lovely but hysterical! 

All he wanted to talk about were people's bellies. I wonder if this is because I recently had a baby in my belly so he is fascinated with bellies. But kids say the funniest things! "Look at that belly!" or "That's a fat tummy!" and of course I did my best to counsel on appropriate directions to take the discussion... but he stayed focused on bellies. I tried to bridge the topic of being polite and kind with our words but for a three year old that is pretty abstract. Oh my. Good thing he's so cute!  

PS Isn't his cookie monster t-shirt awesome! Check out Old Navy for really cute boys graphic t-shirts

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