Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rant: "Working Mom"

Working Mom...I guess that is what I am. I really HATE that phrase. Humor me for a minute... Don't all moms work? Don't all dad's work? Why is there this phrase "working mom"? I've never heard of a "working dad." I guess you could say career mom, but maybe that means a mom who has decided her career is raising her kids.

Maybe we should just all call ourselves Wonder Woman!!!

Some moms have the luxury of choosing if they work. Some moms have to work because they are the bread winner, aren't married, or the family just needs both incomes. The sad thing is moms get judged if they are home with their kids full time or if they have left their kids to go to the office. Then there is this whole breed of mom who has a part-time job in or out of the home which must be basically impossible to juggle. We are all different. We all have value. We need to be nice to each other. Respect our family choices and support each other. We are all Wonder Women!!!

If another man asks me "How do you do it?" or "Don't you miss your kids?" I am going to shout at him... THE SAME WAY YOU DO!!! or DON'T YOU MISS YOUR KIDS???

Side Note: I know these men are trying to be nice. Trying to show interest. They just don't get how a question like can be kind of insulting.

End of rant. :-) 

PS - Isn't this mug awesome? It sits on my desk and always makes me smile. 

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