Monday, April 14, 2014

Recognition: Art Wall

Recognition is a big deal in the world. Most of us love the feeling of being recognized. For kids it is particularly important when they work hard on something. Not every time they make a dot on a piece of paper, slide down the slide or say please or thank you. Recognition can get out of control these days. 

The important thing, is to recognize when kids actually put time, thought and energy into a project or learning something new. When they do, it is our job as parents to recognize it in a meaningful way. 

Our art wall, has become a way we do this without constantly praising them. When Harrison or Hadley are particularly proud of a piece of artwork, they share it. And then a day or so later, I hang it on the art wall in our kitchen. No words, just an action to show their work is meaningful. Sometimes they aren't proud of my favorite pieces, but that doesn't really matter. The art wall is about them and their mini accomplishment. Not about the art wall looking great. 

Note: Our art wall was made with these IKEA curtain wire sets but you could make one with nails, string and some clothespins too. I am just not the crafty type!! But if you are, rock on!! 

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  1. Love this idea! I'm always at a loss at what to do with the TONS of art projects Wyatt brings home every day. Even better is that it can go in the play room!