Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Someday Wish List

For years I have kept a note on my phone with a "Someday Wish List." The list is reserved for special things I would love to have some day. The list isn't too long, but the items are completely unnecessary or hard to find. When Mike and I were in Portland (no sales tax in Portland, big plus!), I bought the first item off the list. A Louis Vuitton bag. Not, just any bag, the specific bag I have coveted for years. 

It sounds simple, right? Wish list. Save up. Go to store and purchase item. 

Well, if you are like me, when you walk in to Louis Vuitton with enough money and permission to purchase a fancy handbag, it is impossible to just buy the one you came for. You must explore! 

The first bag I saw when I walked in was this lovely cream and navy monogram bag with a gorgeous clasp. The clasp is what caught my eye. I love this bag. It is beautiful, a great size without being too big and a simple shape. The lining feels good too. Love it. 

Apparently difficult to find, because is it impossible to find on the LV website. 
Next stop was a costumer service person who pulled out the specific bag on my wish list. I explored it in detail. Mike watched me with curiosity. Then he asked all sorts of questions I hadn't anticipated. Pretty cute. He was shocked at the price of course. Then we he found it wasn't leather he had a moment. 
Neverfull GM Monogram

While we were talking about the new bag I spotted this one. Nice. Love the substantial handle. It is big but not as wide as the Neverfull which is actually a plus. Definitely a great option. 
Artsy MM Monogram
After about an hour of exploring, I bought the bag I came for. The Neverfull is just classic. I love the iconic monogram. I chose the fuchsia lining for a bit of color. If the first bag would have come in the classic monogram, I would have been even more tempted to stray from the wish list. But in the end, I would have still wanted this bad boy. I used it for the first time on Friday and loved it! 

My LV. 
If anything ever had dual purpose, it is this bag. Just this weekend I used it for a lunch and spa day with women who work in my industry and a pool party with my family. Score! 

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