Friday, August 1, 2014

Driving Adventure to Tahoe... a comedy of errors

Our drive to Lake Tahoe wasn't our first family road trip but it was certainly the longest we have taken and the first with baby Hannah. Boy was it an adventure! 

The day started with my wonderful morning glory husband hovering over me saying "It's 2:50. The alarm hasn't gone off yet but I'm ready." I rubbed my eyes and was like... okay. Here we go. So I brushed my teeth, double checked my list of last minute items to grab and started rounding up our sleeping kiddos. 

We were on the road and everyone was awake. That was not the plan. The plan was for them to slip right back into sleep. It took about an hour for them to all sink back into dream land. Then I followed (thank you Mikey). Around 5:30, I felt the car coming to a stop so I stirred. Mike was stopping at Starbucks. I get it, I TOTALLY get it. While Mike was in Starbucks each and every one of our darling sleeping children woke up. Woke up for the day. Bummer. 

Good news, everyone got to see this beautiful sunrise! And we had coffee. And pumpkin loaf. :-) 

Not long after morning snacks were finished we were in the middle of nowhere on the 395. Hadley puked. Big bummer. So we spent about a half hour cleaning her up in this glorious little pull off. 

The kids actually enjoyed the chance to run around in the dirt and breathe fresh air. It was a good break. Hadley felt better so we all hopped back into the car. 

And then we found out, the battery died. Yep. It died. We had left the lights on. We kept all the doors open when we were cleaning up. We had our cell phones plugged in to charge. We drained the battery. Bigger bummer. 

So glorious Lisa, in my Lululemon "mom attire," was flagging down trucks on the side of the 395. Thank God (for that moment, I really did believe in God) a nice family pulled over and happened to have jumper cables. They helped jump the car and we were on our way! Hoooray! 

Around 9:30 we arrived in Bishop, near Mammoth. We stopped at a great bakery that is like an institution in Bishop, Erick Schat's Bakery. It was awesome. We picked up some fresh pastries, another round of espresso for us and juice for the kids. I also got some fresh bread for dinner and fancy beef jerky for the drive. Mike had a conference call with a client at 10, so we headed over to a local park so the kids could run around. 

At the park, the typical kid negotiating commenced. Hadley wanted to watch the kids swimming in the pool and Harrison wanted to feed the ducks in the stream. Both totally cool options in different locations near bodies of water. No bueno. So just as one would predict, I was convincing Hadley to come to the stream and Harrison fell in. Yep. He fell into the f*cking stream! 

He was okay. All was fine. But really?!? Totally soaked kid, husband on the phone, and a 20 pound rolling baby. I totally had it under control. I was cool, calm and very collected. Sort of. Actually not at all. I could just feel my temperature rising. In the end, I figured it out and we all got back in the car even thought Mike was still on the phone. Not ideal, but I was done. I was fried and it was only 10:20 am. 

The rest of the trip was relatively calm. At some point we did realize we completely forgot our bakery goods at the bakery in Bishop. So no fancy beef jerky for us. We stopped about 65 more times to get gas, food, diaper changes and potty breaks. 

We arrived in Incline Village around 2. We made it. It was glorious. 

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