Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Conversation with a follower

Recent conversation I had with a follower via email follows. Cracks me up! So grateful someone is out there reading and enjoying. 

Kate Spade: Hello Darling Stationary Set 

Hello beautiful ! I so terribly miss my daily blog with my espresso in the morning - that's no fair - I am addicted now - I need my fix :) hug ! 
B & B: Hi my darling! I'm so sorry! I have some things to share but we were on vacation in Tahoe. I thought it would be lovely to write there but it was CRAZY with the kiddos! I will get back on the saddle promptly!! 
Follower: Have a great time :).... But come back fast - otherwise I will have no choice to reach for Irish coffee as a substitute - this might get ugly at 6 am 😘

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  1. Hi! I promise to stop the whiskey tomorrow morning - you are back :) Emma