Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kiddos Lunch

Every morning I pack a lunch for Hadley. She usually has some pretty specific direction. Even with her requests, I struggle with always finding a good balance of what is good for her, easy to pack and easy to prepare. 

On component of this lunch packing business is the vessels the lunch travels in. This should be so simple. I have tried a variety of options. Here are a few worth noting. 

Pottery Barn Kids Bento Box: Great option that fits into the PB Kids lunch boxes and it also fits into Hadley's backpack cooler compartment. The whole container has a few sections for storing specific items. The compartment made for dips works 80% of the time. Sometimes it pops open a bit and spills a little. Not too bad with hummus. Ranch not so good. Overall, Hadley and I both like it a lot.  

Target has some great options in my local store. Unfortunately I can't find them online so hopefully your store has them too. The first is this Rubbermaid Lunch Blox concept. It is a series of small tupperware containers that are easy to open (even Harrison at 3 can do it by himself) and come with a small frezzer pack that keeps them all stacked together. Pretty clever. The second item are these handy little Dressing To Go containers. The tops screw on easily and prevent any spills. Perfect for hummus, ranch, etc. Both of these items are very affordable. 

Kids Konserve is a great Eco friendly company that has a variety of food vessels. Hadley has a few friends with the lunch bag set and they seem to work really well. I really like their Round Nesting Trio Containers. They are are bit more expensive but the stainless steal quality is higher than the above containers. 

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  1. I needed this! Kindergarten starts soon:) I was just looking at this website too.