Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why do we do things we know we shouldn't?

Everyone has a vice right? I have a few. Wine. Chocolate. Not sweating.
I know it would be much healthier if I didn’t drink a glass on most nights. I am allergic to wine. I still drink it. That is just plain stupid. I LOVE wine. I really love good wine. With my allergies, the good wine is the worst on my allergies. I have tried figuring out the exact allergy so can enjoy without all the symptoms but in the end but no luck. I just drink it, enjoy it and then suffer the consequences.

Another things I do is indulge in sweets, chocolate in particular. A nibble here and there during the day. Almost always something sweet after dinner. Wouldn't I feel so much better without all this sugar? I’m sure I would lose the last few pounds of baby weight if I could give up on my wine and chocolate. That is motivating but not quite motivating enough. I wonder why.

One of my worst vices is the fact I really don’t like working out. I hate sweating. Not sure why but it’s true. Many of my friends have an activity they love and do with passion. Others work out because they like feeling the impact the following day. Some have this intense need to move and to expel energy. I have none of those things. I much prefer a quiet moment to read, relax, connect with my kids or friends. I know I would benefit from a good work out on a regular basis. Emotionally and physically it would be great for me. So why do I avoid it?

This question: Why do we do things we know we shouldn't? fascinates me.

I’m sure there is a science around it. Anyone know the answer? Is it rebellious nature? Is it a control issue? Is it lack of control? Is it not getting the benefit fast enough? Curious. Very curious. 

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