Thursday, July 10, 2014

Casual Wine Night with Cheese Notes

Last night I hosted a very impromptu wine night. Some friends from the street joined me for some light nibbles and a glass of wine. Kids hung out and watched a movie. I didn't stress about their bedtime and just let them play and enjoy a summer evening. 

It was awesome. So simple. 

Getting caught up in the perfectly beautiful Pinterest life could be so easy. It could be paralyzing. Instead, I just opted for filling my cute nesting bowls with little snacks I had at the house. I did stop at the local market at pick up some cheese (notes below) and dark chocolate covered honeycomb. I cut it up the honeycomb into some manageable chunks to nibble on. Yum. I added some cute summer festive cocktail napkins for a bit of flair and color. 

Cheese Notes: 

  • Parrano - Italian style cheese that is salty and kind of sweet. Total crowd pleaser. 
  • Cypress Grove Cheese is basically amazing at all sorts of cheese. Last night I opted for for the Lamb Chopper which is a mild sheep milk cheese. Very easy to nibble on. They are probably most known for their Humbolt Fog variety which is absolutely fantastic with Raincoast Crisps crackers and drizzled with honey. 

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