Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindergarten: Big decision for me...

So next week is the big week. Hadley starts kindergarten on Tuesday. Deep breath. I am so excited for her. She is pretty nervous which is so sweet. 

Hadley and one of her best friends, Colette. Adorable.

On the first day of school I am going to walk her to class. We live about 7 minutes away down a little dirt path. One of the reasons we bought our house, was so we could use that little path to walk our kids to school. Tuesday we get to use it for that purpose for the first time. Exciting. 

My big dilemma:  do I pick her up from school? I want to pick her up BADLY. Pick up is one of the things I get jealous of stay-at-home-moms about. That's the fun one! The kids are always so excited to see you. They are ready to share all about their adventures. I rarely get to experience pick up. 

School drop off is always hard. Hadley is bound to be excited to finally be at kindergarten, meet new friends, her teacher and to learn new things but she will also be clinging to me. Asking me to stay longer. It kills me. It kills me every time and pulls at my emotions. I usually start off thinking it is cute. Then I get annoyed. Then I get kind of angry and start thinking "enough already... its time for me to go." I'm sure my therapist would tell me it is that way, because I allow it to be that way. Whatever. It's hard. 

So pick up on the first day of kindergarten seems like it would be the golden ticket. One of those special moments. A day that happens once. Selfishly, I really really really want to be there. I want to see her excitement. Hear all the immediate details of the kids, the classroom, the teacher, everything. But when I think about what is best for the long run, I think establishing her new routine from the get go would be better for Hadley. It might also be better for me. The reality is, I can't do pick up very often. So maybe I should let her first week be the week to set the tone for the reality.

A lot of me says F*ck it. Pick her up. Enjoy it. She will love it. You will love it. These are the moments life are about. But then I hesitate... hmmmm. What to do? 

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  1. We start next week too! Just pick her up! Make it a first/last day of school tradition so it feels extra special. I feel mixed emotions but excited them! I remember as a teacher thinking parents were crazy about kindergarten and now I understand a little better:)