Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why does shopping feel good?

Right. Don’t you feel good while you’re shopping? It could be for food, Christmas presents, personal indulgences, anything. If feels good. Is that a conditioned response? My curiosity is peaked. 

Anyone study psychology in college and have any ideas on why we like to shop?

Here are a few of my recent purchases: 

  • Tip from my friend Lori Ann... For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. The scent is nice and clean but sexy too. 
  • Must have in my makeup bag: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with sunblock. Easy to use and it doesn't feel heavy. 
  • The perfect eye shadow: White Peach by Trish McEvoy 


  1. Many studies have been done on what is considered a "shopping high". It has been proven that your brain does release the chemical dopamine when shopping. On the flip side, when that feeling wears off or the transaction is completed, that is when one can feel "buyer's remorse". No more dopamine! Here is an article explaining the process:

    1. Fascinating. I'm sure to do some damage in Portland according to that article!