Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventure Countdown... Famliy Trip to Belize in 4 Days

Belize in 4 days! Hooray! So excited. So scared.

In five days, Mikey and I are taking our whole crew (Hadley 4.5; Harrison 3; Hannah 2.5 months) to Belize!!
Island we will be visiting - Hatchet Caye
We are going to Belize for Mikey's little sister's wedding. It will be a small wedding with family and very close friends. We are all staying at an private island/resort that will take three planes and a boat ride (yep 3 planes and a boat ride!!) to get to.... yikes! We will have lots of family support on the planes to help with our 3 under 5 crew... but wow. I really need to prepare.

In hope for making it through the trip, here is my plan. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to manage all these kids on this incredible adventure, I am all ears!!

Plane Ride Strategy
  • Wear Hannah in my Ergo Carrier. It is way more supportive than the other carriers I have tried. Also, with the new airport rules about carriers, this one is easy to slip off the shoulder straps while Hannah stays relaxed for take off and landing. 
  • iPad loaded with big kids favorite movies which are currently, Frozen, Planes and Despicble Me 2 
    • KEY: My hubby was brilliant enough to have foresight and purchase this great splitter that allows 6 people to listen to the same movie through the iPad. He is amazing!!
  • Snacks... of course we must have snacks. I am making the kids new favorite thing.... "Fancy Popcorn" which is yummy and healthy! I am also bringing the following: 
    • Apple sauce squeeze packs... these things are the best 
    • Fruit leather strips 
    • Protein bars 
    • Protein shakes
  •  A friend suggested wrapping the toys for the plane ride so it is a big deal to get something new. Awesome idea. I plan to do this with the coloring books, play dough and books. 
Any other ideas??? 

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