Friday, March 14, 2014

The New Normal...

Life is in session” is my all-time favorite quote and happens to be from my Dad, Paul Drury. Really, that phrase applies to it all. Sunshine and daises and 2 am wake up calls from toddlers.

Every time I have had a baby there has been this big adjustment to a new “normal.” Well, baby #3 is no exception. This adjustment has actually been the hardest one for me. Not because of the kids or the baby. Because of me. Each baby, I have changed. Evolved.

Work started back a few weeks ago when Hannah hit 8 weeks. It threw me for a loop. Getting all dressed up in clothes that don’t fit 100%. Sure the zippers go up, but nothing (I mean nothing) is in the right place. I knew on this first day back to the office the full time working mom gig was coming back. I’m lucky that my career allows me a slow transition from maternity leave to part-time to full-time but it is still hard. Everytime. But this time was really hard.

How will I do it? All three need love. Dinner still needs to be made. My hubby and I still need to like each other and hopefully love each other!  I have done it in the past, but it feels different this time. I wonder why.

So in hopes to calm my own spirit… I wrote a list of ways to pull it off: 
  •       Priorities. What’s most important right now? Focus on that.
  •       Breathe. When there is a moment to breathe, do it. Enjoy it.
  •       Focus. Be exactly where I am all the time. There is no use in thinking about home/work when I’m not able to actually do anything about it. Just focus on exactly where I am and it will all be okay.
  •       One Thing. My one thing is an espresso every morning. Someone else might need pretty nails or chocolate or wine. Whatever it is, make sure you get it! Actually… maybe I need all four of those things… espresso, nails, chocolate and wine!!
  •       Food. So complicated… so keep it simple and happy. Make a meal the kids like and eat it too. Simple food is good. Be happy about food and the kids will be too.
  •       Strict Schedule. Know what it is for everyone and make sure everyone knows it. So much easier if I’m not at the center of it all.
  •       Dependable Help. Career moms need help to depend on completely. Trust it. 

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