Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inspiration from those before me... 

For a few years I have been thinking about starting a blog. But that’s crazy talk. I’m crazy busy with my kids, my hubby, my career, my friends, etc. Aren’t we all too busy to blog???  Well, I guess not.
My favorite blogs to follow have all been wonderful inspirations to me and all of these women find time to blog! Rock on. So as one of my first posts, I want to shout out to those favorites of mine who continue to push forward and share for my benefit. Thank you.

Amazing. Rebecca Wolf is just amazing. Her writing is so real, raw and absolutely honest. She blogs about her family of six in glamorous LA without holding back about marriage, mommyhood and other tid bits. Plus she is absolutely gorgeous!
So light and fun. Wonderful to peruse for a few moments each day. Always a balance of splurge and practical;  exactly how life should be.
Creative. Pure creativity geared for little people. The ideas are simple and always related to the season. The inspiration is really exciting to check out and easy to dig into.
Wonderful resource about parenting. So organized and great posts on some of the unspoken areas of the mommy world, like nannies. Really great blog.

All of these blogs are perfect for exactly what they are. My hope with Babies & Blazers, is to focus a bit more on the crazy life of a career mom who is trying to be a “good” mom too. So here, I plan to share my tips through lessons I have learned about how to get through the crazy.
Topics I’m thinking about are…
  •       Blazing Career
  •       Raising Babies
  •       Dual Purpose Fashion
  •       Food for Families
  •       Travel Adventures
What else? I’m sure I’m missing a million topics but I hope a few people will chime in and help feed the discussion. Wish me luck! 

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