Monday, May 12, 2014

Jiggly Legs

Today was the day I finally did it. I finally got a work out in after being back to work full time. I have been back full-time since March 31st... so it is looooong over due. This is my greatest challenges in trying to balance family, work and anytime for myself. Usually, when I have a free hour I sleep, drink wine or go grocery shopping! 

But a few friends on the block workout every Monday morning and invited me to join. I said I would go last week, but last Sunday night Hadley had an asthma attack so I was up ALL NIGHT LONG. So last Monday morning workout quickly turned into a Starbucks run before getting to the office. 

Today I actually did it. I moved. Now my legs are all jiggly from such an intense workout after not really moving for over a month. Tomorrow is going to hurt. But right now, I feel great for following through and doing something good for my health. Plus summer is right around the bend. It also feels great to start Monday off with a bang! 

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