Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers Day Messages

As a mother, I appreciate my own mother and grandmother more each day. The perspective is so dramatically different it still catches me off guard. This week at school the kids made adorable handmade gifts for me. Priceless.

The messages, transcribed by their teachers are so telling. So insightful into my babes' minds. Each of their messages were wonderful but stung in a way too. Harrison's message: 

"My mommy is beautiful because she has licorice. Licorice is candy... I love it so much. My mommy sprays the hose to clean very good. I love doing truck puzzle with mommy. My mommy is so pretty because her blue eyes... Blue eyes." 

Who knew he liked licorice? Or that I ate it often enough to be memorable! I love doing puzzles with him too but I do not have blue eyes. I wonder if he says this because he has blue eyes? Or if because the whole family does except me. Hmmm. 

Hadley's message was telling too. The sting was more like a bite. 

"My mom is 16 years old. 
My mom likes to work. 
The best thing she cooks is pasta. 
Her favorite thing to relax... A little music. 
She is really good at knitting... So is my grandma." 

I guess I have to take the good with the bad. Only 16! But I like to work. Why does Hadley knowing and acknowledging that I "like" to work "bite" me? It hurts. It makes me sad. But it is true. Maybe I want her to see me for the mom I am when I am with her. Yet she is keenly in-tune with who I am when I am away too. Maybe even more so. 

Cheers to Friday afternoon sunshine and a wonderful Mother's Day with family. 

Ps - Isn't the pasta necklace Hadley made me awesome??!! 

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