Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Way too close to home

Today I found out a friend of mine's daughter was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I am in shock. Complete shock. How? Why? How can I actually help her and her family? I am sure they will need meals and some practical things. But is there any way to actually make a positive impact? A way to make the hospital environment more like home? 

I need to think about this. Hard. I am so sad. 

I'm gonna take a break from this one... 

Since I was so stuck on if there was anything I could "do" I decided to Google "how do you support a family with a child with cancer?" Just typing out this question made me feel like I might have a chance to "do" something. Why is my reaction this need to "do"? 

Regardless, my search returned this great blog post from a woman who went through one of her daughters having Leukemia. She gives five ways (outlined below) to support a family dealing with childhood cancer. It made me realize, there are a few things to "do" but really, just reaching out to show support and love will go a long way. 
  1. Don't just ask; do. 
    • Taking initative. Simple things but just go ahead and put it out there. 
  2. Give a gift card. 
    • Financial stress for these families is very real. Anything helps. One of the comments included a suggestion to buy gift cards for the hospital parking lot or cafeteria. 
  3. Don't forget siblings.
    • Light bulb for me. The siblings would love some extra attention. Maybe a play-date or a new toy too. 
  4. Help later. 
    • Like me, most hear this news and want to spring into action. It is great to help along the whole long road. 
  5. Say something. 
    • I can relate to the "not knowing what to say" syndrome but I must say something now, often and through the entire journey. 

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