Thursday, May 22, 2014

Landscaping with Kids in Mind

Mikey and I are embarking on a landscaping project at our house. We are so excited to refresh our space and modernize the feel of our outdoor world. A big componet of our outdoor space is kid zone since we have little ones now and will for quite some time. 

Here are some concepts for a kid friendly outdoor space I have found. Does anyone else have ideas on how to incorporate kid friendly elements into a nice backyard? 

Love this concept of adding a removable cover to a firebowl. Keeps  kids safe during the times it isn't being used and also doubles as a table for warm day parties! 

This kids zone in a back yard is just plain awesome. The hanging wall chalk board looks like something my kids would enjoy playing with.  

How cool is this multi-level kid space. My kids really enjoy climbing and I think this is a great use of a hill in a backyard. Pretty cool. 

Digging in the sand must be Harrison's all time favorite thing. I like the idea of this raised planter box being used for sand. Long term when the kids are done with the digging phase it could easily turn into a veggie box. 

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