Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Recommendations from Warwicks La Jolla

Last night I went to a lovely networking event at Warwicks in La Jolla. If you are a local, Warwicks is having a pretty exciting event on June 25th at 8:30 am. Hilary Clinton will be at the store in La Jolla signing books. I called this morning and pre-ordered Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton and I am really excited to meet her!! Regardless of your politics, this woman is to be respected. 

The event last night was sponsored by one of my clients for women in our industry. It was a great evening with light catered food and a talk from one of the book sellers of the store, John Hughes. John talked about a number of his favorite books of the year. 

Some of my main takeaways from the talk follow. Please do check out your local book store. They are RAD. They need support to stay alive. 
  • Funny Read: Crazy Rich Asians
  • Best Book of the Year: Natchez Burning - Southern thriller story that is the first of a three book series. This was my pick from the evening. 
  • Cultural Insights: Art of Ambition - about China; Russians - about the obvious! John spoke highly of both of these non-fiction books and the insight into each country and how the countries' evolution's have impacted the way they are intrepreted around the world. Also ties closely with current events so great for discussions. 
  • Make You Think: Think Like a Freak - book about how to ask the right types of questions to tie economics to almost any topic. 

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