Monday, June 2, 2014

Sounds Like a Commercial

This weekend was great. It was hectic but great. Yesterday in the craziness, we managed to get all of the kids to take a nap at the same time. Miracle. Until Hannah woke up, followed by a whiney Hadley and of course Harrison wakes up as a monster after a nap. It was good until it lasted! 

I was in a fog, sitting on the couch feeding Hannah a bottle and Mike said "It's like a Southwest commercial." I looked up at him and was like "Huh?"and he replied "Wanna get away?" 

Yes, yes I do. I wanna get away. So we booked a mini trip! We are headed to Portland, Oregon. Just the two of us. I am SOOOOO excited! We are going in August. I think we might stay at The Nines but curious if it is a good pick or not. 

Tips anyone??? 

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