Thursday, June 5, 2014

Part 3: Birth Story - Breech Baby

Apparently writing a birth story takes some time. Some commitment. So if you are interested, you can read Part 1: Birth Story and Part 2: Birth Story – Anxiety.

Continuing on... 

At 35 weeks, I went to a regular check-up for the baby and the baby was still breech. Yikes. This had never happened to me before. The doctor said that if the baby was still breech at 36 weeks, she strongly suggested I consider an External Cephalic Version, referred to as a ECV.  I was scared again. (Here is a link to a success story of an ECV.This procedure is done in the hospital and is considered routine, but can cause stress to the baby and induce labor. So I asked about other options. She outlined that if the baby was still breech a c-section would be the clear choice. After having two babies vaginally, the last thing I wanted was a c-section.

Photo from Apple Blossoms Family in Vancouver

So I did all sorts of crazy things to make that baby turn. I did weird positioning from Spinning Babies. I did moxibustion (basically burning your little toes) with the help of an acupuncturist and partner. I used light, music and ice packs to try to draw the baby to the right position. I tried everything I could find that might help. I delayed the decision to do the EVC until my 37 week appointment to buy more time. The day before that appointment, I went to see a special chiropractor, Bridget Chelf of Ocean Wellness, who practices the Webster Method, for turning breech babies. She was amazing. The next morning, I woke up and my belly was sore and shaped differently. The baby turned!! I knew it. I was elated.

After about a month of meeting with many mother-earth women in all ranges of professions, I decided to try to have an all-natural medication free labor. I hired Ann Fulcher, a doula who was highly recommended by my doctor. Ann is a woman who has been present at over 500 births and clearly was more experienced that me at this crazy concept of labor without an epidural!! With only three weeks before the baby was due, I didn't have time to take classes and completely devote myself to a particular method of labor. Thankfully Ann was very open, supportive and had confidence I could do this on my own.

More again tomorrow. I promise to finish tomorrow. I must finish this. 

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