Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morning Meeting with Hillary

Well, I guess it would be more accurate to call it an encounter. This morning I met Hillary Clinton. A brief moment and a brief exchange. Regardless it impacted me. 

Hillary stands for a chance for all of us to be on the same playing field. She inspires me that an ordinary woman can be extraordinary. She has made her own way, not behind her man, but on her own accord. 

The energy waiting in a line wrapping the streets of Downtown La Jolla was exciting! There was a buzz of people and activity for blocks. I waited in the line with two friends with dramatically different political views. The conversation was friendly and filled with anticipation. The people surrounding us all had this same level of interest in their upcoming moment with Hillary. People talked about her just like that, "Hillary." No formal titles. But more as a woman they all know and admire.


Maybe it was the free stickers??? 
No. Definitely not. It was the anticipation of meeting someone amazing. 

Warwicks did a great job of keeping everyone organized and in motion. Hillary was engaging and very casual in her ways. She is of course a professional politician so this sort of thing is an old hat trick to her but it didn't matter. It didn't feel like that. She was at ease and happy to be meeting people. She was gracious. 

When it was my turn to get my book signed, I wished her luck on the keynote address she is giving this afternoon. She seemed surprised someone might be aware of her schedule. For me it was just a way to have a longer moment with her. She said "Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun." 

If you want to read a review on her new book, Hard Choices, check out this Forbes article. My favorite quote from the article follows: "... (this book) gives us insight into one of the most influential women in the world. And while you may not agree with her on everything (especially in 700 pages) or may be disappointed in how she made some of her choices, there is no disputing that as a stateswoman (or man), the U.S. has no one more experienced." 

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